See Our Furniture At High Point Market

The following are some of our unique pieces
being displayed at High Point:


Cafe Manso CS50

Named for a mighty river born from the glaciers of Patagonia.
Café Manso is inspired by the stalwart might of the river.
This piece is strongly and stoutly built.
Its thick, solid legs add to the piece's tough and steady look.
The Cafe Manso's general straightforward design is classic.


Gaijo CU114

The Gaijo coffee table is a contemporary design piece 
It's clean angles and low-lying top gives this piece a modern character.
It's simple design expresses a classic basis.
The top's finish is different but compatible to the finish on the base.
The Gaijo can sit sturdily and agreeably among different styles.



Taladro SU989

This contemporary console has a simple classic outer rectangular shape.
The angled oval cut-out in the center adds an element of modern style.
This unique solid piece can stand confidently in a variety of styles.


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