Contemporary Design


Descanso AU875

This solid, hefty piece holds books and makes a nice design statement in any room it occupies.

Every side incorporates straight, neat lines and 90 degree angles.

This natural colored piece is simple yet unique.


Chatarra EU614

This cylinder-shaped side table is surrounded by rectangular planks on its sides. 

Straight, sleek lines are therefore visible from any side angle.

Geometric-shaped bits of wood fill in and form the top.

This side table comes in natural or bold colors, giving one the option to use this piece as part of the backdrop of the room or as an accent piece.


Bloque EU891

This distinct, small-sized side table is supported by delicate rectangular legs that pass through the solid top.

Comprised of rectangles and 90 degree angles throughout, the Bloque has a clean but atypical design.



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