Which Dining Table Shape to Choose? July 23 2018, 0 Comments

Choosing the right dining room table can be a difficult task. There are many different things that must be taken into consideration before buying the perfect solid wood table. Here we are going to cover the four most basic shapes of dining room tables. Each has their advantages and disadvantages as well. The right table for you will depend on many factors. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be able to determine the table that is perfect for you.

We’re going to kick things off by talking about square tables. These are finicky tables with a very unique fan base. A square table is good if there are several people sitting at it. The best benefit of a square table is that it can be expanded with the use of leaves. This will enable you to sit more people during those special dinners. A square table offers a level of intimacy that the others don’t. Though, they aren’t ideal for small groups of people. Two to three people can easily find themselves feeling they’re on the other side of the planet when trying to converse with each other.

Round tables are best for when you have a few guests. For those unannounced diners with a few friends, it's hard to beat the intimacy created by being around a round table. Much like square tables, they give you more room to spare in your dining room. A round table will give you the ability to easily talk with others and pass food. This is the ideal table for those who seat few guests and like to plate the food at the center of the table. They’re also great tables if you’re concerned about space. You’ll have the ability to seat a few people without the worry of trying to figure out where to put the table.

The classic rectangle dining table is world famous and well received. Everyone who sits at the end of a rectangular table feels like a very important person. A rectangular table allows people to easily converse with one another. It’s also easy to pass food from person to person. Although, those at the ends of the table may feel left out of the conversation. You may need to speak up if you’re at one end of the table and trying to speak to something at the other.

Oval tables share all the same attributes as rectangle tables do. The main difference is the lack of corners at each end. Also, no one can sit on the ends of a rectangular table. This, in turn, means there should be less shouting from one end of the table to the other. However, it still is a great distance from the head of the table to the foot. Passing food along each side is easy as long as there’s plenty of people and hands to do the work.

To find the table that is right for you, you must factor in how many people will be sitting at your dining room table. You also have to consider the layout of your dining room. With all things considered, finding the right table for your dining room shouldn’t be difficult at all. Figuring out what to put on the table day in and day out is a whole different story entirely. Some of the best memories you’ll ever have will come from the dining room table. Choose your table and those who sit at it wisely. Doing so will undoubtedly ensure many years of happiness and togetherness.