The Benefits of Each Dining Table Shape May 16 2017, 0 Comments

There are probably three types of people reading this blog, the first is interior designers, the second are those planning to move into a new home and lastly those planning on replacing their old dining room table. Irrespective of the category you fall into by the end of this blog you will have a comprehensive knowledge of the types of dining room tables and which one is best for you. The dining room table shapes you can choose from include: a rectangular dining room table, a square dining room table, a round dining room table, an oval dining room table and an extendable dining room table.


It’s an undisputed fact that this is the most popular dining room table style. This is because the rectangular dining room table can seat a larger number of guests. It is also the best option because it conforms to the long and narrow space that is often found in dining rooms. It also lends itself to formal entertaining with a host sitting at each end of the table. Another advantage of using the rectangular table is how well it fits into a typical dining room. Since dining rooms are typically rectangular, this option provides plenty of space for people to easily move around the table.  If you have a small dining room, you could push the table against the wall when not in use.


When you need versatility in your dining room, the round dining room table is the best option for you. Irrespective of the shape of your dining room, the round dining room table will always fit perfectly. The round table provides a higher level of intimacy and provides for great conversation by giving people equal room. It also makes the best use of the space, having no corners it fits the maximum number of guests. If you like informal dining, the round dining room table is preferable, it is more casual since it lacks a place for the head of the table. A round table with a pedestal base also offers the greatest amount of legroom since there are no table legs to avoid.


The square dining room table is perfect for smaller homes where the table can be used for multiple purposes. The square table can be easily pushed into a corner when not in use. If you plan on having four or fewer people around the table then the square dining room table should be your choice. Another reason why a square table is a good option is that you can purchase another identical square table as your family grows and join them to form a large table.


If you are undecided about whether to choose a round or rectangular dining room table, then an oval dining room table should not be overlooked. The unique layout of the oval table combines the intimacy and flexibility of the round table and the linear layout of the rectangular table. The rounded edge of the oval dining room table adds curves to the dining room which helps to soften the room.


This type of table could be any shape but typically has a leaf or several leaves that can substantially extend the table to fit more people. An extendable dining room table could take up to eighteen people when fully extended. If you plan on doing a lot entertaining or have a large extended family this is the option for you.


Take a measurement of the table height to make sure to get a chair with a height that will easily fit underneath the table, this is especially important when your chairs have arms.


To ensure you leave enough space to get around the dining table, leave at least three feet between the dining table and the wall, and also ensure you leave around one foot between each chair.

I hope this blog has been helpful, if so share it with your family and friends since they may need this information more than you do.