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GREEN.  It has been in fashion for a while.

Associating profit with the equation really gives teeth a potential wimpy notion of green.  

We all know it does matter...


But does it matter to our customers, TODAY. As in, will they pay for it?

All good movements need a set of "Ps'"

As a kid, my coach would say, "Proper Practice Promotes Premium Performance." (He had a less "G" rated version as well).

In the sustainability orbit, many conversations revolve around the 3 P's of Profit People and Planet. 

It is all hard to measure, especially when we think about what people will actually PAY for.  

Profit puts the sustainability in GREEN. Below is a guy who feeds his family.  He has the privileged of walking among mist-filled mountain valleys deeply entrenched in his noble work.  If we craft the tables in a way that generates profit, we buy more wood. Maybe he puts his kids through college and they become what they want to be.

Maybe  GREEN does matter.  Maybe Sustainability means something...

 SUSTAIN verb  1.strengthen or support physically or mentally.


With great passion, we use Lenga wood, indigenous to the Andean Region of Patagonia, to create all of our pieces. Lenga is harvested under strict sustainable management plans enforced by Chiles's eco-friendly government. Our harvested timbers are moved with oxen, which avoids damage to surrounding flora. Because so few trees are taken, regeneration continues to be a natural process. What remains is an intact, natural, mixed forest.

Trozo End Table

We are proud to be Founding Members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The SFC is an independent non-profit coalition of furniture industry leaders. Our mutual mission is to promote sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry. The wood used in our furniture comes from trees managed forests where only a few, select timbers are cut. Our tables last beyond the natural life span of the trees used to make them. 

Portilla Dining Table

Eco-friendly. Green. Sustainable. Eco-Intelligent. These are words intent on describing a concept. In a world full of words, at Patagonia legacy "we let our tables do the talking" - for centuries.


For more information about promoting legitimate sustainable practices visit the SFC website.

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