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Crafted in the tradition of patience, endurance, and outstanding beauty our furniture reflects everything that defines Patagonia. Our lead craftsman still has tools used by his grandfather. All of our craftspeople work with a patient hand passed down from generations of life in Patagonia. We bond this tradition into a common effort to create each Patagonia Legacy table.

Every table we build is made in Patagonia. We use the best joinery methods on earth, proven durable for centuries. Solid wood pegs to reinforce mortise and tenon joints. Each joint is cut and fit by hand, shaved little by little until the artisan achieves a fine fit; a delicate balance in which the joint goes together without pounding and yet stays together on its own. Once fitted, all the joints are marked and the piece of furniture is pre-built to test once again the precision of each joint.

Fine woods from Patagonia's Andean mountain forests, old-world joinery, world-class hand rubbed finishes, and careful craftsmanship combines to create a Patagonia Legacy table. A Patagonia Legacy table delivers peace of mind. Created by hand one table at a time in a small shop in Patagonia at the southern tip of the world. Patagonia Legacy furniture is unique in all of the world.

To own a Patagonia Legacy table is to own a piece of all that is Patagonia. It is to be a unique part of the tradition of outstanding beauty, maverick style, and enduring character.