How to Spot High Quality Wood Furniture November 02 2018, 0 Comments

Wood furniture might all look the same, but everyone should understand that some pieces are much higher quality than the rest.  After all, it’s easy for a person to think that they are looking at a fine piece of wood furniture only to find out that it is actually made from particleboard.  Now, particleboard can be a great budget-friendly option, but if a person is looking for a high-quality table that will last for generations they need to look elsewhere.

It is not too difficult to learn how to spot high-quality wood furniture.  Anyone can find that perfect piece for their home in no time at all. The first thing to do is look at the wood that was used to create the piece.  There was a time when everyone wanted solid wood furniture, but that was before plywood wood was invented.  Since plywood came onto the market, everyone learned how it wouldn’t warp or crack like solid wood. Many people have been purchasing tables made from this material.  But solid wood furniture shoppers should look for pieces either made from hardwoods like teak, mahogany, maple, walnut, birch, or oak. It is not always easy to tell what it is made from just by looking at it, so you may need to look for a label or ask the furniture seller. The weight of the piece of furniture may also provide a clue.

The way the wood furniture is constructed also plays a huge role in the quality of the piece.  Any furniture that has mortise and tenon joints or dovetail joints will last a lifetime.  Joints with screws and dowels may be acceptable, but that doesn’t mean they will last forever.  On the interior or underside of a piece of furniture look for corner blocks that have been attached to ensure that the piece is stable and durable.


The finish of the solid wood furniture is just as important, and the best pieces will be smooth with a high-quality stain application.  There should never be any dust specks or bubbles in the finish; this is an indication of a lower quality piece.  After looking at numerous pieces of wood furniture, you will begin to understand the differences in high and low-quality furniture and how easy it is to spot excellent pieces.