How to Mix a Dining Table with Chairs November 30 2018, 0 Comments

When it comes to interior design, mix-and-match strategies vary according to one’s personal aesthetic. But for any successful combination, the mixing is just as important as the matching. A dining table can be purchased with a matching set of chairs. However, both of these items sporting the same look and feel can become monotonous very quickly. And that is especially not a quality you want in your dining room. For many, food is a passion, and the place you sit down at to have it should have an ambiance to match.

Find Something to Match

The easiest way to mix and match is by “mixing” while maintaining a “match”. Consider keeping the shape of the table and chairs consistent, and try contrasting colors. This will mostly highlight your dining table. Varying individual chair colors might also work, provided that symmetry is kept intact (such as opposite chairs with matching colors, or colors alternating with each successive chair). Another way to go about this is by keeping color consistent while going wild with shapes. Once again, symmetry is important here. Sometimes, you can also get away with changing up color as well as the shape. You could have dark colored and square-shaped chairs around a lightly-colored, wood table. In such cases, you could have a pattern as the common denominator. Don’t go overboard with patterns, however, and keep things simple for the sake of elegance.

Maintain Historic Relevance

Some people prefer contemporary designs, while others opt for a traditional or antique look. If you’re looking to mix and match, consider keeping one era in mind while changing up the rest of the details. Similarly, if you’re feeling bold enough, you can turn things around a bit and have different furniture pieces representing different ages. An example would be a vintage-style long table with antique chairs at the head of the table and elegant modern chairs on the sides of the table.

Consider Swapping Out Chairs

Sometimes, for long dining tables, swapping end chairs out for sofa seats or armchairs can add some flair to your dining table. These can create interest and add creativity to the dining room. Alternatively, you can swap out chairs on the sides and replace them with a bench.

In the end, it all boils down to what kind of dining room experience you want. Mixing different styles of tables and chairs might not be for everyone, but it can sure spice up the room and add some life and energy to it. Remember that you don’t always need bright colors or vibrant patterns to create interest in a room; it is all about the placement and relevance of the pieces against each other that makes all the difference in the world.