How to Get Ready for a Dinner Party September 28 2018, 0 Comments

What makes a dinner party successful may not be the level of attendance, but how well of an effort is made to satisfy virtually all in attendance. If throwing a dinner party feels stressful and a lot of tasks, we've got some good news for you. What's better than inviting a bunch of friends over for good food, drinks, and conversation? Also, studies prove that sharing a meal with friends and family can make us happier and healthier. Hosting at home can be simple and worry-free, especially if you start planning well in advance.

Even if you're not a professional, you know there are basic things required; an amazing dining table is one of them if you opt for a less formal dinner party your coffee table and living room may play a larger role in your dinner party. One of the necessities of a great dinner party is an amazing table that creates a welcoming ambiance. However, as any host or hostess can attest, serving a meal or appetizers requires much more planning than a table alone.

Here are three tips you should know to get your home ready for the next dinner party:

  • Get a great Dining Table

Having great dining table creates a lasting impression. The dining table will act as the focal point of your dining room and determine the décor of the entire room. You should also take the dining table shape into account. We all know that a classic rectangular dining table is always a popular choice. Round dining tables are a favorite for smaller dining rooms and are a table that keeps on giving since it accommodates more people around the table when needed, eliminates sharp table edges, and allows your guests to face one another creating an intimate and social setting.

  • Lighting

Just as important as bringing natural light into the picture is providing the right fixture to light your dining table. Place an eye-catching chandelier or statement piece overhead your dining table to illuminate both the guests and the food. Choose non-florescent bulbs to add a warm glow to the whole room.

  • Multiple Seating Areas

Did you know that apart from the usual dining table, the coffee table can serve food as well? It's mostly employed when space is limited. A coffee table also makes room for more guests and helps bring people together. It's just fun to sit at the coffee table. Coffee table dinners bend convention to make meals an invitation for deeper conversations. At the coffee table, there's literally less space between you and your guests and that matters. Although there are some practical concerns to consider when dining around a coffee table; the two tables serve the same purpose – eating. To get ready for a dinner at the coffee table takes almost the same, if not the same level of preparation with a dining table.