How to Decorate a Coffee Table May 16 2018, 0 Comments

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of your living room, which is why it’s important you choose a well-made coffee table, to begin with. If you own one of our handmade hardwood tables, you are definitely going to make a statement. Decorating your coffee table without cluttering it is an art. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your coffee table.

Think in 3’s

No matter the size or shape of your table, an arrangement of three items is almost always aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a single item by itself but instead could be a group of like items. The items don’t have to be in a symmetrical arrangement. Also, if you use groups of items try to not make your tabletop too busy. 

Suggested Objects to Feature

Books are widely used to decorate coffee tables, especially expensive art books. Books can be used on their own to decorate a table or used as a base for other items such as a vase of flowers or a glass bowl.


Who doesn’t love fresh flowers on their table? A tall vase of flowers pairs well with coffee table books. Stack three interesting titles on the edge of the table and center a vase of flowers on top. Flowers also add another dimension to your table arrangements. Candles can be used with flowers or by themselves. You can vary the heights of the flowers and candles to add more visual interest.


Glassware makes your table look elegant and clean. Simply place a glass item on the table for a stylish look. If you can, choose a candy dish and a vase that match. Place real flowers in the vase when possible. If you have a smaller table, place a single dish in the middle. You can fill it with decorative balls, candles, rocks, or beads. For the cleanest look, leave the dish empty. 



Along with books, trays provide a good base to put other items on. Find a decorative tray that goes with your room decor. If you have one of our handcrafted wooden tables, choose a tray that is lighter or darker than the color of the finish. Place 3-4 candles on the tray that are various widths and heights.


These are just a few ways you can decorate your coffee table. Decorating your table will help keep you from cluttering it with mail, keys, and other random items.