Grey is Coming, Warm Your Home with Wood September 19 2017, 0 Comments

As gray washes over the winter sky, the color in our homes becomes the vitamin D of our interiors, essential and yet deficient in many of our residential diets.

To introduce color into a neutral room you don’t need to paint your walls and cover your biggest piece of furniture in color. It can be as simple as having color on the top of a stool or putting a small collection of ceramic or glass pots together as tabletop accessories. If you have a thread of color in a room, it keeps it calmer. By dispersing color throughout a room it is not all collected in one corner. When you use color as an accent it keeps your eye moving around the room.

Light can mitigate or enhance color. It's an important thing to keep in mind where you are located. If you’re in a sunny climate like southern California, you need to be quieter with your color; otherwise, your color will become too overpowering. In grayer climates, stay away from things that are too cold in tonality, because you’re going to have cold for 10 months. But even grays can be warmer gray tones. Concrete is warmer, it has a little warmth from its undertones versus bluer grays.

In cold weather, a space with wood finishes or accents gives your place a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Flooring and wood panels also make a beneficial impact. However, there are simpler solutions too. Swap out a painting for a piece of reclaimed wood art or introduce a rustic wood side table like a natural tree stump to place warm beverages on.

If cozy & comforting is what you’re after, then our living and dining room furniture will serve you well. Your eyes work the same way, they may love to look at bright, dancing art, and shapes, but they’re soothed by furniture in the same wood tones and style.