From My Dining Table - A Reflection on Spring March 27 2017, 0 Comments

Our house in Houston isn’t grand and showy, it's a quiet little house with an old-fashioned kitchen and one small bathroom. Inside, it has well-worn floors and old, wooden beams. It’s the house we have lived in for as long as I can remember; and to me, it will always be home. If you open the doors in the kitchen, tall, French country style doors that stretch from floor to ceiling - you will discover that they lead you into the dining room. This is my favorite room. While it may feel barren and bare in winter, come spring, our large, wood dining table is where I sit and leaf lazily through cookbooks. That is where we eat and drink, and linger on after dinner, talking and sipping tea. That is where the scene of our family life plays out. 

Spring is coming closer by the day, and with the season will come the heat, bike rides, open windows, barbecues, and pitchers of homemade iced tea. But best of all, in culinary terms, spring is when things get really exciting. This is the time for the first crops of the year with wild berries and fresh vegetables. Spring also breathes new life into the dining room with the addition of fresh flowers as a centerpiece and dinner incorporating the freshest ingredients.