7 Ways to Spice Up a Dining Room December 19 2018, 0 Comments

If you are planning on having friends and family over soon you can start by making plans to spice up your dining room. A beautiful and well-decorated dining room adds to the pleasure of eating a great meal. Leave boring behind and consider these tips to give your dining room a makeover.

Define your dining space

Thrill your guests by welcoming them into an elegant dining space by defining the area with a beautiful rug or a unique colored accent wall.

Consider swapping dining chairs for a comfortable bench

If you have wide dining chairs with armrests, you may not be able to host many guests at the same time. Don’t strike any names off your list just yet; you can get a bench. Comfortable and elegant dining benches can seat more guests.

Light up the dining space

You may be comfortable with the dull lighting in your dining room, but make a change for your guests. Everyone likes to see what they are eating to better appreciate their food. Consider modern light fixtures to improve the appearance of your dining room.

Soft music always helps

You can install small speakers in the dining area to play classy music at a low volume. This helps to fill in the space between conversations. It is best if the volume is low enough so the music is heard but everyone can speak without raising his or her voice.

Hang some artwork on the walls

The perfect spot for your artwork is the wall opposite the bench. People love art, and it can help keep a nice conversation going before and after the meal is served. You can create a wall of black and white photos, hanging the frames on a grid or fill the space with a large painting.

Flowers can work wonders

Flowers have a way of bringing an extraordinary ambiance into the dining room. We feel special when fresh flowers are well presented. One has several options in arranging the flowers for a stunning centerpiece for the dining table.

Avoid clutter on the dining table

The dining table should be well organized. Setting up too much décor on your dining table may not be ideal. You can get rid of clutter by limiting the décor on your dining table to one small, but beautiful, centerpiece rather than by placing candles and other items. The food platters and dishes are already going to take up space, so you shouldn’t put too many items on your dining table.

While you are spicing up your dining room, pay attention to the color palette you are using. You can choose a theme as a guide to make selections for your new dining bench, flowers, lighting, or the artworks you plan to display. When you are done, invite some friends over, and note the features they like most about your new dining room.