Woods We Use: Lenga Wood Profile December 12 2017, 0 Comments

We craft our tables from the finest woods, one of the best is Lenga (nothofagus pumulio), a type of beech. It is a fine clear grained blonde to reddish toned hardwood. Our Lenga trees are selected very carefully in compliance with the National Forest Service of Chile. We pull very few trees from the immense forest with a team of oxen and a wooden yolk. A centuries-old technique that is still in use because it works in this varied and extreme landscape. 

Wood is graceful and wild. We strive to preserve its essential nature, with remarkable tones, and durable hand finishes. We also expose the subtleties of natural grain and the fantastic variations in texture in our solid wood tables. Fine wood deserves to be preserved and we believe it will be when it is appreciated for its astounding looks. 

Lenga comes from ancient groves at the bottom of the world. Which are under constant threat from individuals and companies seeking to cash in on this precious resource. Experts say there are only two temperate rain forests left in the world with large tracts of relatively unaltered ecosystems: the Pacific Northwest and southern Chile. Chilean officials are well aware of the ongoing destruction of their ancient groves. But they point out the major role that lumber and paper industries have played in the country's economic miracle. Wood products now represent Chile's fifth-largest export.

We hope that by crafting our furniture we are able to raise public awareness about this valuable resource under threat. And at the same time preserve it for centuries by transforming a few select logs into fabulous tables.