Our Workshop March 03 2015, 0 Comments

We love when we are asked about where our tables are made.
In many ways it is a one word answer...Patagonia.


To the question, how big is the factory, we say...
We do not manufacture.  We craft.


We do not employ factory workers.  Artisans create our tables.
At any given moment we may have a handful to a dozen artisans, though we could use a few more.
Ours is not a factory.  We own a workshop, a work-room, an atelier.
A series of rooms in a wooden workshop, a metal building, and a finish room enclosed in concrete total an estimated 7,000+ square feet, though we have never measured.
We also have our own kiln to dry our hand selected planks in lots of about 200 planks.
We own a series of beautiful floor mounted machines, many dating back into the 1960's when they used real steel and heavy iron components.  Some German, some Italian, some made in America.
Upon these robust and simple machines...planers, shapers, jointers, table saws, band saws, and a lathe...artisans take solid-hard wood from rough-sawn timbers to planks and basic parts for tables.
Atop sturdy solid wood work tables some of these planks are glued together to form panels, table tops, pedestals and other parts of tables.  
When ready the panels are planed by hand with large wooden hand planes.

At their individual work-bench, each artisan performs their detailed work, cutting tenons and mortises, legs and pieces.
Final assembly and fit-up of carcasses, bases, drawers and shelves, takes place on the shop-floor.  Adjustments are made at the artisans work-bench.
Hand sanding takes place wherever on the shop floor that makes sense given the activity of the day.
A separate, heated, sealed off finish area is where special staining and finishing process take place.
Final buffing and packaging take place in a separate area.  Here tables are stored awaiting shipment from Patagonia to the USA.
We have a detailed process to ensure quality. 

Many details come down to the artisans.
Their truly phenomenal skills take our work beyond stunning into enduring one of a kind tables for you. 
There is no phone, there, but we may be able to make arrangements for a visit, if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Chilean Patagonia.