Earth Day (Going Green) April 21 2015, 1 Comment

Going green means becoming more environmentally aware and changing your behavior and lifestyle to reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate.  The decision to go green is a gradual process for most people.  Any action you take that contributes to sustainable living makes a positive impact on the environment.  Everyone can implement small changes into his or her current lifestyle to make a difference for the Earth and future generations.  While most people are aware that going green is good for the Earth, they may not fully understand the extent of its impact. Going green leads to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Making environment-friendly choices is good for your children's future, and it can save you money.

Carpooling, eating out less, or maintaining your own vegetable garden can save you significant dollars and benefit our planet. Some of us may already be going green unintentionally by driving a fuel efficient car, using energy efficient lighting, or even using power strips at home, all which add green to your pocket. One can make very small changes such as switching to paperless billing, or using a reusable coffee mug for your morning coffee, and save cash for doing so. Making eco-friendly choices can have a great impact on the environment and your wallet at the same time.

Going green is an individual and a global initiative. We all live on this earth and should take individual responsibility to make small changes that will prevent further damage to and improve our beautiful planet.  Our children and grandchildren can then inherit a tomorrow that is at least as good as today.  The green initiative is about conserving resources so our needs and the needs of future generations can be met.  The goal of green living is to use resources responsibly and to contribute towards cleaner air, alternative fuels and green energy.

At Patagonia Legacy all of our wood is harvested under strict sustainable management plans enforced by Chile's eco-friendly government.  We are proud to be founding members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, an independent non-profit coalition of furniture industry leaders.  Our mutual mission is to promote sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry.  The wood used in our furniture comes from trees managed forests where only a few, select timbers are cut.  Our tables last beyond the natural life span of the trees used to make them. 

Eco-friendly. Green. Sustainable. Eco-Intelligent. These are words intent on describing a concept. In a world full of words, at Patagonia legacy "we let our tables do the talking" - for centuries.

How do you contribute to bettering our environment?