6 Tips for Choosing Your Table for the Holidays October 20 2014, 1 Comment

Thanksgiving is a little over a month away. Are you expecting guests? Do you have the right table to accommodate all of them? Dining room season starts now.  For special guests, you want to ensure you have a special table.  Patagonia Legacy creates tables that will help let your guests know that they hold a special place in your life.

As you get ready to shop, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Measure table to wall clearance for correct feel.  Confirm your dining room’s available space before you do anything else. Measure the space around the room to allow diners to sit down, move chairs in and out, and get up easily from their seats.

2. Stay away from glass, unless you like to use Windex.  If you don't like to clean, the fingerprints and smudges a glass table will attract might not be for you.  We, of course, love wood. Wood is authentic and warm, like the people we love.

3. Go square. While not for everyone, square stands out.  There are many options beside round and rectangular. Square and oval are options depending on the size of your dining room and how you would like your guests to interact.  Symmetry normally limits the number seated to 8.  If you wanted to seat 12, you'd need a huge square, which may be interesting. And remember, a rhombus is not always a square.

4. Round tables are great for small spaces.   Round tables are great for many reasons: 1) It’s easy for people to gather, socialize, and pass food around. 2) They’re easier to fit in small spaces. 3) They don't have sharp corners to bump into. 4) Pedestal tables are even better since they offer more legroom.

5. Start with a great table, then consider chairs.  Chairs do complement a dining table, but the dining table is the star of the show. The table makes the biggest impact to your dining room. Once seated, your dining guests' attention is drawn to either the food or the table, and hopefully, as a result, guests are drawn to each other. Furthermore, choosing a table first is much easier than choosing a set of chairs first.  You can always find countless chair options for a table, but you will not always have countless table options for a set of chairs.  The table is key.

6. Consider white-glove delivery for quality tables.  A high-quality table merits a high-quality delivery service.  A white-glove delivery service provider will ensure your table receives a maximum level of care and protection during delivery.  Many of these carriers will also install the table in your home for you, as well as remove any packaging materials if needed.  Your table will thank you, so will your back!