Our 33rd Container is Here! November 20 2014, 0 Comments

Patagonia Legacy Container 33 arrived in perfect condition from Patagonia! When looking at our pieces unloaded at our warehouse, one cannot imagine the course our pieces took to arrive to our warehouse.

Our container's journey began in the city of Coyhaique, Chile where our factory is located.  The same artisans that created our unique pieces also carefully packaged, meticulously arranged, and snugly tied down our 70+ pieces in our container, ensuring they arrive to Houston in immaculate condition.  We had our artisans fill a high-cube container, allowing us to stack 3 levels of furniture, instead of the standard 2, in order to ensure all our pieces fit and made it to Houston.

Once securely packed, the container began its 5,743+ mile journey, and made its way to Chacabuco, the closest small town with access to the Pacific Ocean. The container was then loaded on a boat and made a 3 day trip to San Antonio, Chile, the port town of Santiago.  From there, our pieces passed through the amazing Panama Canal in order to make it to Cartagena, from which they made their final 4 day trip to Houston, TX.

Our container traveled thousands of miles in order to bring you more of our most popular pieces and fresh new models.  14 brand new designs exemplify versatility in aesthetic lines achieved with classic materials and hand crafted methods.  Below, you can see a sample.

Best sellers make up a portion of the shipment. Some were sold before they arrived. A handful of custom pieces for specific customers arrived as well.

Already, the final destination for several of these pieces include 15 cities spread out through 10 states. Each started in Patagonia.

Best sellers, new styles, custom orders... as always, every single pieces delivers:

One-of-kind authenticity, crafted one by one by individual artisans.

Patagonia Legacy...the world’s only source of tables from Patagonia.

Gaijo Cocktail Table

The Gaijo coffee table (CU114) is a contemporary design that currently comes in 59 x 45 x 16.5h with a Gray base and Brown Pecan top, and a Brown Pecan base with a Miel Antique top as well.

Milano Side Table

The Milano side table (EC205) comes in a Brown Pecan Finish with dimensions: 42 x 27 x 28.5h

Bassist Console and Side Tables

The Bassist console (SU662) comes with a base in Brown Pecan and a top in Negro Gueso. We also created a unique variation of this model in a Miel Antique base with a Nogal Antique top.  The Bassist measurements are 88 x 18 x 38h.