Dining Tables are Bringing Kids Together June 16 2016, 0 Comments

A lot of people may think that going to summer camp is more of a luxury for a child. However, the truth is children who go to summer camp give up a lot of material things when embarking on an experience like this. There is no TV, no video games, no cell phones, and no privacy. Children that are not familiar with summer camp face even more hurdles that they must overcome to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Summer camp can sometimes be more of a challenge for children in today’s society than people might think.

Although kids face many challenges when going to summer camp, there is one thing that always brings them together; a dining table. At home most kids can care less about dinner time. But at summer camp, the sound of a dinner, lunch, or breakfast bell echos through the entire camp. Every boy and girl drops what they’re doing to rush to the dining hall with their friends, excited to sit down and share all of their new experiences with the children around them. It’s a time for learning, talking, sharing, and meeting new people. It’s a time to reflect on all of the new things that they are experiencing, and suddenly, things that they were reluctant to do, become their new favorite activity.

Some campgrounds even have the kids help in the kitchen, teaching them to be responsible and humble. The tables in the dining hall at a summer camp are so much more than just dining room tables to eat on. They are tables that signify friendship, new experiences, and memories that are so vivid you can almost smell the campfire.  Every nick, or scratch on those dining room tables are remembered as beautiful imperfections that signify a different way of living, a more united and meaningful way of enjoying the person sitting next to you. And when these children go home, they appreciate their own dining room tables a little more, as well as the people sitting around them. Make your dining table a good one, Patagonia Legacy can help.